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New Toyota and Nissan spare parts have arrived in Jebel Ali Warehouse

New Toyota and Nissan spare parts have arrived in Jebel Ali Warehouse

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toyota auto spare parts

Auto Parts East Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Automobile systems and spares. We offer a wide range of automotive solutions for the worldwide Automobile industry. Many of the leading vehicle manufacturers and engine makers are our customers. APEC is known for it’s long lasting global alliances in automobile industry across different product categories and segments.

The auto components company APEC has received a new stock of spare parts for Toyota cars at its Jebel Ali Warehouse. The company has planned to ship the Toyota spares to the Toyota plants all around the world. APEC has decided to export the auto components directly to the automobile manufacturers. We are looking forward to increase its exports to many more countries and new clients. APEC’s exports of Automobile spares and accessories has been increased gradually in the recent years.

toyota spare auto parts

APEC has been sales the auto components for Toyota and many other leading Japanese Automobile companies. The new stock of auto spares has been manufactured considering the special needs of Toyota vehicles. The company manufactures components for Toyota cars, Minivans and trucks. APEC distributes and exports different engine components, transmissions and forgings for Toyota cars, hybrids, SUV’s and crossovers. The APEC has decided to manufacture spare parts for Toyota’s hybrid cars and concept vehicles.

We are also participating in the MIMS Automechanika, which is the 19th International exhibition of automotive spares, components, and car maintenance products. The company will unveil its latest automotive products in the exhibition. The exhibition will show the automotive components, spares, maintenance tools, workshop equipment and many other products related to automobile industry.

The company has its warehouses in many countries in America, Europe, UAE and Asia. APEC also offers engine oils, motor oils and special lubricants to be used in service stations. Spare parts supplied by APEC are manufactured by leading auto parts manufacturers around the globe. We offer the auto components at prices lower than the retail market. APEC offers discount to the old customers like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru. APEC company's logistic system ensures the timely delivery of the automotive spares and components to the customers. The company understands the needs of the clients and the requirement of timely delivery so that they can manufacture the vehicles in time and fulfill the needs of their end customers in time.


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