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Honda’s new Accord 2016 model is revealed

Honda’s new Accord 2016 model is revealed

spares for HondaThe Japanese car maker Honda has revealed its latest model of Accord, which is to be launched in 2016. The all new Honda Accord model 2016 is a US based model but the company has planned to make some alterations to make it suitable to run on the Asian roads as well. The 2016 hybrid model has made some innovations in the car to cope up with the competition from major car manufacturers. Honda being among the Leading car manufacturers across the globe has planned to make its hybrid model among the topmost selling cars. You can order spares for Honda from APEC.

Engine Specifications

With unique and sleek design, the 2016 hybrid model of Accord has the most attractive features. The car has an advanced turbocharged engine coupled with an electric motor. The advanced plug-in hybrid engine is almost similar to Honda’s existing models except it’s displacement of 2.0 litre. The 4 cylinder engine powered by two electric motors is going to deliver a power of 195 hp. The company is expected to manufacture a next 3.5 litre V6 engine capable of delivering 278 hp of power. The car has 6-speed transmission and many attractive options for customers. The new Honda Accord is going to deliver a fuel economy due to two electric motors coupled by the turbocharged engine which consumes less fuel and delivers more power. The engine has reduced emissions as compared to its earlier versions.

Design of Honda Accord 2016

The 2016 model has an aggressive and aerodynamic design than its previous models. The front side of the car is completely transformed into a new design. The 2016 model has a new front grille and projector headlamps. The headlamps consist of multi- reflectors and LED projector lights to provide a crystal clear vision in the dark nights. The interiors consist of a black dashboard with a touchscreen and user friendly interface with some controls on the steering wheel. The dashboard has easy to use bluetooth pairing and powerful music system with chrome finish. The leather upholstery will offer great comfort and quality to the Honda customers. The cabin will provide more passenger space than its previous models proving it to be the most adorable family car. The 2016 hybrid model has been designed to be performance-based and fuel efficient. The car is expected to deliver amazing performance along with great luxury and comfort in all weather and road conditions. We offer genuine spare parts for Honda.

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