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Auto parts in bulk for Audi A4


APEC is the leading supplier of the deep assortment of auto parts for different cars including parts for Audi 4. There is a variety of body parts, engine parts, spare and units for steering, chassis, electrical and transmission systems in the warehouses in Dubai (UAE) and Lithuania. The highest quality of spare parts from reliable and trustful supplier provides customers with maximum and ultimate reliability and safety.

To order auto parts in bulk, the client has to sign up for an account on APEC website. After registration the personal manager will contact the customer and inform him about terms of collaboration in detail. The customer will receive the full version of the auto parts catalogue and price-list. Both documents are periodically updated.

Why order auto parts from APEC?

APEC company delivers spare parts and accessories in bulk across the world. The main warehouse of the company is situated in Dubai (Jebel Ali). It is a free economic zone so that we are able to offer the lowest possible prices and a wide selection of transportation modes.

To place an order for parts in bulk, the client has to sign up for an account on APEC website. After registration the personal manager will contact client and consult him on terms of collaboration. Also the client will be provided with the full version of the catalogue and price-list. They are periodically updated.

Advantages to purchase auto parts from APEC:

  • collaboration and partnership only with reliable and trustful partners;
  • competitive prices;
  • guarantee of the highest quality of all parts;
  • providing special offers/deals and bonuses for repeat customers;
  • fast search of the required auto parts on the website by code;
  • deep assortment of goods (over 35,000,000 items in a stock);
  • daily replenishment of the warehouse.

The company works with different brands of OEM, including brand Audi. If you order spare parts from us, you can be rest assured that the auto parts will be of highest quality and they will comply with all applicable standards. Also we have a high quality of aftermarket spare parts for Audi 4.

The auto parts are shipped from warehouses in Dubai and Lithuania. We can accept pre-orders for delivering auto parts directly from manufacturers. Repeat customers with bulk purchasing and increasing turnover will be able to buy goods in bulk at reduced prices.

The company offers a large selection of auto parts for Audi 4. Parts for engine repair, chassis, transmission, brake, and steering systems, spark-plugs, and other units and components are always available.

Collaboration with APEC

We invite internet-shops, taxi companies, service centers and retail auto shops for collaboration and partnership. If customers purchase auto parts in bulk from us, the company will provide highest quality and lower priced units and components with fastest delivery.

The company has been working in the market more than 20 years. It has a reputation of honest and trusted partner. Register on the company’s website, open a full access to our catalogue and place purchase order – and we deliver just in time!

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