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Spare parts for automatic transmission system in bulk


The international company APEC offers a massive range of OEM parts for automatic transmission system and also highest quality aftermarket parts for passenger cars manufactured in Korea, Japan, France, Germany and other countries. We procure auto parts from trusted and reliable suppliers and guarantee our clients that our goods have the best price/quality ratio.

Why automatic transmission system is going out and is it worth to repair it?

The car automatic transmission system is reliable unit until it eventually breaks down from wear and tear over time. However, an aggressive driving behavior or driver errors (e.g., shifting into the wrong gear) will cause a transmission premature failure. An automatic transmission system can be destroyed if its component or material is defective or worn out. Also driving when towing a trailer may be ruining transmission as vehicle will be working harder due to the excess weight. Besides, transmission with dual shift mode or, for example, multitronic transmission for Audi is not reliable and has a relatively small resource.

In luxury car a new automatic transmission system can cost from 700,000 to 800,000 roubles. A new automatic transmission in economy car may cost 2 times less than those of the premium class cars. But if a foreign car is used, the cost for replacement transmission can be sometimes equal or more than the car itself is worth. It makes some drivers to buy cheap counterfeit units which can have the hidden defects. It may cause a serious damage to the vehicle.

To avoid these situations, we recommend to find reputable automobile repair shop or certified garages and to repair cars with new certified auto parts.

Advantages to cooperate with APEC

APEC company is working in the auto parts market more than 20 years. During these times we have developed strong business relationships with leading manufacturers of parts for repair of automatic transmissions and variators - Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, General Motors, Jatco and others. We also offer parts for automatic transmission in bulk which are manufactured by the largest specialized companies, including Allomatic, Precision, Raybestos, GFX Corp, Dynax (Exedy) etc.

To collaborate with us is beneficially and pleasantly because our clients will be provided with the following benefits:

  • the widest selection of auto parts for repair and maintenance of passenger cars. We have an inventory of more than 35 million high-quality auto parts, consumables and accessories for an extensive range of vehicle;
  • sale of parts for automatic transmission in bulk at fair prices as the office and main warehouse is located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone (UAE, Dubai);
  • logging to the account on the company website provides additional benefits and convenience: tailoring of collaboration programs; having an access to the specialized resource which makes easy to record and keep track of money and transactions;
  • minimum logistics cost; opportunity to select any mode of transportation to any point of destination across the world.

We deliver auto parts and consumables from warehouse in UAE and Lithuania. We accept pre-orders for processing shipping documents, completing custom formalities and delivering auto parts from manufacturers’ warehouses in Europe and USA.

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