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Spare parts to Iceland wholesale


APEC is a large international holding company with an impeccable business reputation and great prospects for the future. We have been working in the auto parts market for more than 20 years and over the years we have managed to form the image of a reliable and time-tested partner.  APEC catalogue contains more than 35,000,000 items. Any original part, branded analogue or accessory can be quickly found by VIN-code. Spare parts are always available in the warehouses of APEC and partners. Spare car parts can be delivered to Iceland from warehouses of manufacturers from Europe, the USA and Asia by pre-order.

We value each of our customers and offer only new products for repair and maintenance. The quality of sold products is confirmed by certificates and world experts.

Evaluate our advantages that include:

  • consistently low prices, as we are located in the duty-free zone of Jebel Ali;
  • advanced logistics that allows customers to minimize delivery costs and reduce transportation time;
  • competent assistance from a personal manager;
  • online control of order movement;

Register on the website and buy spare car auto parts at a bargain price. The minimum amount for the order is $ 10,000. After placing and confirming the order, a prepayment of 20% of the total amount is required. This will allow us to quickly collect or purchase goods for subsequent shipment. Payment for orders is accepted by bank transfer to the bank account of Auto Parts East FZCO. In the future, it is planned to add the option for paying by card on the site. The order formation time from the moment of registration to dispatch is on average 14 days, depending on the selected supplier. Customers may choose the price and delivery time by tracking the transportation in their personal account on the APEC website.

Parts and accessories can be selected independently or with the help of a personal manager. Wholesale delivery of spare parts to Iceland with the ability to track the shipment online by the tracking number on the websites of transport companies. If you already cooperate with any transport company, then you may inform us about their contacts, and we will send the cargo through your preferred TC. When sending auto parts wholesale to Iceland, we provide a standard package of documentation, which is provided  by the rules of international trade and shipment of goods - invoice, packing list, air / seaway bill. Upon request, we will provide a certificate of origin, which confirms the country of origin of the goods.

If necessary, we carry out express delivery, sending auto parts in bulk to Iceland to the specified consignee with the specification of the customer's account number registered with DHL, UPS, ARAMEX, TNT or other international logistics company. Delivery times may range from 3 to 45 days. We try to make the delivery for our customers as profitable and convenient as possible, so we are always open to cooperation with reliable cargo carriers. If you have any complaints about non-compliance with the quality or quantity of the goods stated in the order, APEC will investigate the reasons for the discrepancies. In case of detection of defects caused by our company, the cost of the order will be recalculated or costs associated with delivery will be compensated. Each case is considered individually. We offer special terms of cooperation to regular customers. You will have additional discount in case your turnover increases.

Take your business to the top with a reliable partner - APEC!

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