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+971 4 8806635 Wholesale of auto spare parts

APEC is the wholesale supplier of auto parts to the Crimea


The international company APEC sells auto parts in bulk to the Crimea. We deliver goods from our own warehouses in UAE and Lithuania. We accept pre-orders for delivering parts directly from car-makers in USA, Asia and Europe.

There are always more than 35,000,000 auto parts and consumables for passenger cars. The assortment of the goods is daily replenished. The warehouse management system is fully integrated with IT-infrastructure. It ensures maximum efficiency of web-interface functionality and online ordering system.

Auto parts in bulk to the Crimea

Over 20 years APEC cooperates with the leading auto parts manufacturers. We sell in bulk and provide quick delivery of the auto parts for passenger cars to the Crimea. We offer:

  • parts and components for replacement or rebuilding of an internal combustion diesel and gasoline engine (injector nozzles, cylinder liners, engine and the cylinder head in set, the intake manifold, rings and other components);
  • consumables for scheduled and periodic service and maintenance – engine air filter, cabin air filter, oil filter, spark-plugs, disc brake pad and shoes;
  • auto parts for body repair (bumpers, side panel, doors, fenders, mirrors); car interior, exterior and technical tuning and styling accessories and parts;
  • components for repair of automatic and manual transmission system, braking system, transmission, an electronic control unit (ECU) and other units and assemblies of the car;
  • auto parts for repair of the car chassis (shock-absorbers, springs, bases of shock-absorbers, spherical bearings, tie rods, tie rod ends, disc brake pads and shoes). These parts are recommended to be replaced by pairs even if only one is worn out (simultaneously, left and right side).

All parts and components are certified and in full compliance with ISO and QMS (quality management system) standards. Our direct cooperation with the manufacturers/suppliers excludes counterfeits from our purchases.

APEC company provides opportunity to order auto parts for delivery to the Crimea at competitive pricing levels. Our office and main warehouse are located in the JAFZ. Localization combined with the modern integrated structure of international logistics allow us to sell auto parts at unbeatable prices.

Innovation in WMS system (warehouse management system), integrated international logistic program and establishment of the solid and strong supplier relationships guarantee the highest quality of goods and fastest delivery of your orders.

Mutual beneficial collaboration with APEC will help your business to reach new heights!

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